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School wide Positive Behaviour Support

What Is School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)?

It is a framework designed to promote and maintain a learning environment which is productive, safe and affirming of a child’s educational development, their achievements and their positive behavioural outcomes.

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Copperfield College is a school unconditionally committed to providing the very best pathway for every student.  Central to this, is our deeply held belief that ‘all students can learn’ given the right conditions.  My job is to find the right conditions for every student, consistently foster the capability of every teacher to teach as well as they can and ensure that the college continues making educational improvements. This is evident in everything we do and you will see that philosophy throughout this handbook.

Our structure is distinctive, as we have developed from a single secondary school.  We now have two junior campuses, Kings Park and Sydenham for Years 7 to 10 students and a VCE/VCAL campus at Delahey for Years 11 and 12 students.   I am entirely convinced that these environments are best for the learning development of adolescents and young adults.

The Junior Campuses are based on small teams for Years 7 and 8 and Years 9 and 10.  This enables the teachers to recognise the learning needs of each student very well and safeguards the students’ positive relationship with the college.

The team structure continues at the Delahey Senior Campus, however in  a young adult learning environment our students thrive and become confident and articulate, ready to take their places in the world.

Our mantra, ‘Three homes, one family,’ is used as a metaphor to describe the way we think about our school.  It is proudly one school with three campuses.  There is a family vision, family plans for improvement and everyone who interacts with us is part of the family – students, parent and staff. 

Our improvement journey is exciting and yielding rewards in the form of:


  • Consistently outstanding VCE results. 
  • Ed Awards ‘Outstanding Leadership Team – Numeracy Improvement’.
  • A National Curriculum Innovation Award for our work on improving VCE and the Culture of the Delahey Campus.
  • Unique Coach and Consultant Literacy Improvement Structure.
  • State-of-the-art VET facilities accommodating Automotive Studies, Hospitality and Electro Technology.

Welcome to Copperfield. These are exciting times ahead.


Tony Simpson

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