Year 7 Scholarships 2015

Ms Libby Derks

 2015 Year 7 Scholarship Program

There will be two scholarship recipients in each category at  both Sydenham and Kings Park Campuses in Year 7 2015 . Scholarships will be $500 each in value. Successful students will receive a cheque of $500 which can be spent at the discretion of the student / family on school related items.


Successful scholarship recipients will be interviewed towards the end of Year 7 to review if scholarship will be continued in Year 8. The scholarship recipient will be expected to demonstrate sufficient evidence in his/her chosen category and this will be supported by evidence such as certificates, reports, teacher references, pieces of work and any other information supporting the application.

Scholarships are available for:

  • Academic Excellence

  • Performing Arts

  • Leadership/ Community

Scholarship Selection is by interview - not entry exam.


for more information on the Scholarship page and Application form click here

Applications are due by 4pm on Friday 17th October, 2014 to:


Ms Libby Derks

Transition Leader

Copperfield College, Community Hub, Sydenham,

Vic, 3037

Applications can also be hand delivered. You can also fax the application

to 9361 3899, but please also post the original by the due date.


All applicants will receive a letter of receipt of their application and

successful shortlisted applicants will be advised of their interview time.

For all enquiries, please contact Ms Libby Derks.

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