At each Junior Campus there is a strong focus on teams. Each team has a separate area within the campus with home rooms and team teaching areas. Students in teams have taken responsibility for establishing gardens, painting murals and working together in multi-age groups to complete special projects.

 Middle School teachers are committed to their team and typically teach more than one subject. This allows and integrated approach to the curriculum to develop and flourish. Students progress in teams through the school with the same group of teachers whom they come to know very well. This Middle School structure develops a sense of community and school pride.

School News
  • 2016 Year 7 Scholarships
    Applications are due by 5pm on Friday 16th October, 2015 to:  Ms Libby Derks Transition Leader Year 7 Scholarships on offer include Academic Excellence Scholarships  Available to students with an...
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  • VCE News
    Free Exam Revision Lectures. For free revision lectures a company called ATAR Notes are holding. It could possibly be beneficial to all students at the Delahey Campus. They offer many subjects for Uni..
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  • Brimbank School Holiday Program
    click here for more information about the Brimbank School Holiday Program.
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