Copperfield College has undergone a major review of our College Uniform and its implementation; this was in part due to parent concerns and comments about both the uniform and its consistent implementation.  We were responsive to parent concerns in relation to the lack of warmth in our college jacket and the differences between our senior and junior campus in pants colour and the various types of shoes that can be worn. As a result of this review there are some changes to some items of uniform which is now consistent from years 7 – 12. A new process of implementation has been devised which takes into account both junior and senior students but the consistent message is that all students are expected to be in full college uniform in order to be admitted to class. The College Council has endorsed our new Uniform Policy, our implementation processes, and the individual Uniform items of clothing.

  We strongly recommend Parents & Carers carefully read the following documents: 


  1. College Uniform Policy 
  2. College Uniform Story board    
  3. College Uniform Implementation – General

  4. College Uniform Implementation – Piercings and Make Up

All students enrolled at Copperfield College will be expected to wear the new College uniform.

Thanking you for your support

Tony Simpson

College Principal


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