Year 11 Supportive Friends Program

Often students find it easiest to confide in other students when they have problems.  Sometimes, people share problems in their lives that are very worrying for them – serious situations that may mean they are in danger of harm in some way.

Year 11 Supportive Friends is a workshop for Year 11 students to learn active listening and other communication skills for positive friendships.  It is an enjoyable one-day interactive workshop which is suitable for students who would like to be more proactive, supportive members of our school community.

The Supportive Friends training includes:

  • How to recognize stress and related issues
  • How to approach peers, to listen, respond appropriately, and explore options
  • An understanding of how and when to seek further assistance and support from other adults

 This program is endorsed by our school community and recognized as an essential aspect of student welfare at our senior level.  The College provides this program free to interested students, covering the costs of The Stride Foundation facilitator, morning tea, lunch, transport, and resource materials.

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