Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

For the past five years Copperfield College has been developing a 1:1 Learning environment where students have access to their own digital device to use as a powerful learning tool. In 2016, the College 1:1 Learning program will be in the second year of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). As the College transitions to BYOD in all year levels, students in year levels where parents have previously committed to a parent contribution scheme that funded a school-leased computer will continue in that program until leases expire. All newly enrolled students in 2016 will participate in BYOD, iPad at Years 7 and 8, and notebook for Years 9 to 12.

The following table summarises the 1:1 Program at each year level:


Continuing student from 2015

Newly enrolled student in 2016



BYOD (iPad)


BYOD (tablet)

BYOD (iPad)


Notebook Lease (Year 3)

BYOD (notebook)


BYOD (notebook), after the return or purchase of school-leased notebook

BYOD (notebook)


BYOD (notebook)

BYOD (notebook)


Notebook Lease (Year 4)

BYOD (notebook)

Students in BYOD programs use their personally-owned devices at school as they would at home. There is a high likelihood that students take care of their own device rather than a school-provided device. The College will encourage students to use their devices in meaningful ways as an integral tool for their learning. As the device is owned by students or their parents/carers, it will be their responsibility the device is kept in good working order like any other personal possession.

Note we recommend a notebook computer for BYOD for Years 9 and above. Notebooks are also acceptable devices for our 1:1 Learning program in Years 7 and 8. An iPad is recommended primarily because of its greater portability and lower cost. Parents of students who do not currently own a device are encouraged to read the specifications for suitable devices prior to purchase.

 A 1:1 Learning Program Guide (for BYOD and non-BYOD) has been produced. This contains a Responsible Use Agreement (for BYOD students), an Acceptable Use Agreement (for non-BYOD students) and a Microsoft Office 365 Consent Form (for BYOD students). Either the Responsible Use Agreement or the Acceptable Use Agreement must be signed by parent/carer and student before a student's device is connected to the school wireless network. The Office 365 Consent Form must be signed before the school can provide free access of Microsoft software to any student.

The Guide can be downloaded here.

The College is looking forward to all students using whatever device they have in a smart, safe and responsible way. If you have any questions about the 1:1 Learning Program please contact Glenn McLeod at Kings Park, Mark Nugent at Sydenham, or your Campus Office who will direct you through to someone who can help you.

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